Aaaannnnd… scene!

In movies this would be called the Martini Shot. So I guess in webcomics this is the “Martini Page.” And I’m fairly certain Max-The-Artist is having one. Seventy pages of high-octane crashing helicopters and burning down City Hall, chilled with ghostly presence, shaken well via explosions, and poured out into the Right Kind of Glass with just a dash of feels. Oh yeah. He’s earned it.

For that matter, so has Max the MC, who did just get blown out of a building a day ago. Not all the spirits in a man’s system have to be ghostly. But in keeping with the color scheme, he may choose to make it Sapphire.


BTW – just a heads-up that next week will be a semi-hiatus to give the artist a breather; but we’ll have some Fan Art. And I’ll try to set something on fire and do a blog about it. So there will be an update, just nothing canon. Then we’ll have an Epilogue or two, because the world doesn’t stop simply because our hero is sidelined with a broken ankle. We’ll be invoking some Comic Book Time, of course, but there’s still going to be some stuff happening during that period that we’d like to explore. So stay with us!

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