Yeah, the Captain gets the fun of dealing with Scales, who apparently just rubs people the wrong way. As stated in an earlier post, this episode is taking place only a short time after the previous one, so Letoa is still going through Quantico.

And Hayes is definitely under some strain. A bad situation and the alcohol’s sure not helping. Especially the way he’s currently using it.

On an unrelated note, it just so happens that a reader did send me a scale model Dodge Daytona.



UPDATE: I did some fan art for “Out Of My Element” which they have posted today. The character LaGuerre is a Fire Elemental and I thought it might be interesting to try creating what is essentially a Balrog. So Alli Perry sent me her original line art and I had fun decorating it with flame and photos of igneous rock. Check it out!

More below!

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