Boom! Finally Bob gets to join in on the artwork again, adding dust and effects and of course explosions. Bob would have been fine with just a panel or two of the crash and then a big explosion, because, y’know, explosions, but Max-The-Artist insisted the page would be stronger if he established some innocent bystanders first to really boost the visceral and emotional impact of the destruction. He was right. Usually is.

Of course, we didn’t expect to get pre-empted by actual terrorists. It’s worth mentioning once again that the script for this episode was written months and months ago. And (as Patrons who viewed the rough layout know) this particular page has been in progress for weeks; the idea of using an ambulance as a VBIED seemed particularly vile and coldblooded in the concept stage – just what we wanted. Plus as far as we knew it had never been done before. So we were patting ourselves on the back for our cleverness and having a good time and getting ready to put this page up… when just before we post, the Taliban decides to use a real ambulance as a VBIED and kills a whole bunch of real live people.

Sigh. Naturally our hearts go out to the victims and their families. And we did consider holding this page back just because of it. But hell, if we wuss out like that just because something happens that we had nothing to do with, well, The Terrorists Have Won. So we’re publishing the page, but we wish to emphasize that A) What Bob blew up was a toy; B) No one was hurt in any way; and C) This is fiction.

On the upside – hey! New vote incentive! Plus, if you like, a full-rez version is available here:

And more below!

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