Happy Memorial Day! (USA)

This week’s stunning guest art is by Joe Kelly of Pepperpot Piper. If you’re not already reading Pepperpot, you really should, because even though it has a two-week update schedule (for obvious reasons of painting time) every page is a visual feast. And the story’s a lot more than one might initially expect. Pep’s sort of an adorable female Damon Runyon, with an easy familiarity amongst every colorful hood and newsie in the city; and the story has a pulp fiction feel as well, with supernatural wizards and period robots and armored vehicles. Opening a new Pepperpot page is like opening a present every two weeks, I swear.

When Joe agreed to do guest art for us, I sort of assumed he’d just put Marissa in a Jazz Age outfit and I would have been totally fine with that. But when this dynamic knockout popped up on my screen, I almost spilled coffee all over my keyboard. I was immediately compelled to sit down and write a bit of pulp serial prose to go with it. It’s semi-related to our storyline, but it’s not canon — consider it, like the imagery, just a bit of what-if whimsy. You’ll find it below!

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