And up! One of our more complicated bits of balloon-work, but hopefully it leads the eye around properly. The content was originally going to be stretched out over three pages, but I really wanted to try to make it work as one page, since it’s a pretty intense dose of flashbacks and revelations. And thankfully, with some clever page arrangement and staging on Max-The-Artist’s part, we were able to pull it off.

BTW, those “circumstances” I mentioned in the previous post have arrived in the form of a baby girl (as most of you more-or-less gathered from the updates.) Max-the-father had assumed that since he and his wife would be taking time off from work for the new baby, he’d have just oodles of free time to work on the comic. Bob-who-is-now-a-grandfather, grizzled with the experience of age, tried not to laugh directly in his face. And as Bob expected, there was no free time and even less sleep and all Max’s drawing stuff was packed away to make room for baby stuff and nine million relatives dropping by.

However, possibilities are being discussed involving certain grandparents (Bob and wife) who can not only babysit but have plenty of space for Max to set up a drawing area for comic work. So this will be attempted. Max will try bringing over the new offspring, hand her off to doting grandparents, and settle himself down for comic work while Gramps introduces the baby (codename Megumin) to the Path of Explosions.

Eehh. I can feel myself getting in trouble already.

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