Just a little 7.62mm abdominal surgery. Because we are all about the subtle nuances.

We kinda had fun with this page. Maybe you can tell. I got to use some of my blood and gunfire effects (including the Blood Pumpkins.) Max actually did his own thing with the acting of the querulous hostage and left it to me to come up with dialogue to fit. Always down for a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, he and I have also written a spec one-hour live-action Countdown/Crisis Strike TV pilot script. We deliberately retconned our own work so that we could get fun characters like Letoa and Cricket into Episode One, hint at Max’s backstory motivations, and set up Sophie’s character a bit more. A great exercise, even for our own webcomic purposes. The fact that we’ve written it means nothing at the moment; the script is a spec, and it is currently off with my agent who will (hopefully) submit it to places that can handle a brutally violent subtly nuanced series like this.

VOTEY! (This latest is another of Max’s Life Painting studies, and while tastefully done, it is somewhat NSFW.)

And more below!

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