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Just business as usual in the FBI’s Unusual and Dangerous Development Division. Saving the world from good intentions.

According to some historians, Dr. Richard Gatling reportedly believed his newly-invented machine gun would make war so ghastly that people would stop fighting forever. I’ve read that anecdote in many places, but I’ve always suspected the story was a bit apocryphal. Either that or Doc G never knew an actual guy in his whole life.  “It fires 200 rounds per minute and will chop soldiers in half.” “COOL!”

And he certainly never met Special Agent Hauschild.

True tidbit – I’d started scripting this episode and wanted to flesh out the meeting with a female agent, about whom I had not, as yet, given much thought. Final Draft software has a name-picking widget that saves writers having to thumb through phone books (if anyone still does that) or glance out the window and swipe the name of a florist, the way Ian Fleming did when he came up with the name “James Bond.”

So I launched the widget and hit some keys at random and it presented me with “Hauschild.” Fair enough, I wrote it in. Sounded like “House-baby” to me; I was sort of picturing a timid little woman with agoraphobia. Fine. I could do that. But on a whim, I googled it. What I got was: German: nickname for a ferocious soldier: literally, ‘hack the shield’, from Middle High German.

Yeah. I can work with that.

And we’ve launched a Patreon! All the cool webcomics are doing it. We’re keeping ours real simple; mainly hoping to be able to get rid of the ads. If we can drop the ads, we can get rid of the sidebars, which will allow us to make the comics bigger and prettier. So if you’re up for being a supporter, let’s make it happen!




New Vote Incentive!  And full-rez 2880 x 1800 versions will be going out to Patrons at the Digital Onslaught level and above, with our thanks!

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