First off, if you are reader of Not A Villain and came over here to see who we are, welcome! It’s a pleasure, and we hope you decide to stick around! Kind of the nice thing about webcomics; it’s not really a zero-sum game. Reading a new comic doesn’t mean you have to stop reading any previous ones. In fact, I’ve added NAV to my own reading list.

For those who don’t know: there’s a site called ComicMix which is having a webcomics contest. The first round positioned 3 Minute Max against Not A Villain, which is a well-established and popular comic with a huge fan-base of rabid vote-maniacs. Now, I think the first round is already over; the page is a little glitchy and it is kind of hard to tell.

In any case, if you are feeling in a vote-casting mood, it’s a safer bet over here. Plus you get to have a drink with Marissa, who is probably in a rebound mood right about now.

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