Bank Job ref.

Marissa knows a good internet scrubbing means getting rid of all those annoying, disgusting stains. By haptic overload if necessary.

I hope you like your colors richly saturated, because Max-The-Artist went all out on this page. Occasionally there are pages that are just made for a backlit medium, and this is one of them. It was all his design too; I had written the thing but I’d been worried that a one-sided hacking war would be visually uninteresting, even if I threw in some sparks. I should have known better. When he sent over the rough, I immediately knew we’d be skipping the balloons for most of this page. Instead, I asked Max to color the words; make them enhance the art rather than cover it up. And he did.

Patreon has the page in larger size and higher resolution here. Patrons got to see it a day early, but since it’s a pretty page, we’ve made it visible to all now.


And more below!

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